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The orign of Zigong lantern festival

Release time:2018-09-19 09:37
Author:Sophia Yang

       Zigong Lantern Festival is characterized by its magnificent momentum, grand scale, exquisite and unique, and fascinating and distinctive features. It constitutes the symphonic poetry and historical style of the times. With its unique cultural taste and artistic charm, it sensationalizes Shenzhou and goes abroad. Four Seas; won the "first light in the world" reputation. The Zigong Lantern Festival is a combination of “shape, color, light, sound and movement”. The “teaching, science, literature, economics and trade” are organically coupled, forming a unique social function: the lanterns will set up the stage, the economy will sing, and the economy will drive the economy. 

      The development of Zigong, a national historical and cultural city, has created a new road of integrated economic and cultural interaction and a new development. At the same time, it has explored new ways for China Light Culture, which has accumulated a long history and a long history, to carry forward in the new historical period. "The year-old flowers are similar, and the years and years are different." The Lantern Festival and Lantern Festival, which are unique in the traditional Chinese New Year culture, are rooted in the fertile soil of the Chinese national culture. The atmosphere of Jiqing's joy, the aggregation of national culture, the agglutination of group consciousness, the participation of the ruling and the opposition, and the promotion of commodity economy have greatly mobilized the ingenuity and skill of the working people of all ages, fully embodying the aesthetic consciousness and value of the masses of all walks of life.


        The concept makes the traditional Chinese Lantern Festival and Lantern Festival constantly improve its status and taste in the social economy and cultural rotation. "The Shengshi Lantern Festival, Guangyao Qianqiu", with the Chinese lantern culture represented by the Spring Festival Lantern Festival, has a good development opportunity and will surely be sublimated and glorious in the process of modernization.


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