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Kunshan lantern festival in Mid-autumn 2018

Release time:2018-09-20 14:17
Author:Sophia Yang

Since the ancient times, every Mid-Autumn Festival
Every household will be reunited together
Eat moon cakes, enjoy the autumn months, watch the lanterns
This Mid-Autumn Festival, do not have a taste
Feast of light and shadow
Inviting you to spend the next month and tomorrow

In Jiangnan Water Township
Telling stories with light and shadow
This lantern will set up Zhouzhuang Ancient Town and Taiwan Old Street.
Four villages in Xiangcun, Xinzhuang and Huiju Square
After nearly two months and nights of hard work
The inner and outer walls of the ancient town have been covered with a layer of radiant coat.
Colorful lights, gorgeous light and shadow gallery
Cool light show

Unique style of Jiangnan style
Creative traditional folklore
The customs and customs of Taiwan
In the waters of the south of the Yangtze River
Depicting the poems of the Nanhu Autumn Moon


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