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2018 Tokyo International Lantern Festival

Release time:2018-10-27 10:28
Author:Sophia Yang

With more than 30 containers arriving in Hong Kong, and the Zigong Lantern International Engineering Team went to Tokyo, Japan to open the installation and maintenance of the upcoming Tokyo Amusement Park Lantern Festival, indicating that the large-scale Lantern Festival is coming from Tokyo tourists. The closer it is. This lighting feast is the first light show in the Kanto region with the theme of "The World of Ice and Snow". More than 30 sets of beautiful lanterns elaborately produced by Zigong Lantern artists and artisans are used to ensure the local fineness. Under the utmost, the designer's ice and snow dreams will be restored, and this dreamy ice kingdom will be brought to tourists in Tokyo. I learned from the designer of this exhibition that from childhood, he has the dream of building an ice kingdom. Now he is realized by the skill of the Zigong lantern artists and craftsmen. He has fulfilled his long-cherished wish and felt that Unparalleled shock and gratitude.


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