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Huacai lantern production site

Release time:2018-09-25 09:50
Author:Sophia Yang

On the morning of September 12th, Zigong Huacai Art Communication Co., Ltd. organized the employees to observe the construction site of the “Mingchen District of Jianshan District” and felt the hardships and efforts of Huacai people. Everyone seizes this rare opportunity to visit and learn about the issues they care about and the people involved.

A group of beautiful lanterns need to go through countless processes, from construction stakeout to steel frame molding, entanglement of lights, basic paste, art processing and so on. Every work needs to be done with patience and care.

The standard construction platform, the roaring construction site of the cutting machine, the semi-formed lamp stand and the warm resident facilities make the employees who observe the tour without a sigh. Everyone discussed the process and production technology. It is not so easy to color the lamp group through practice, and at the same time, it has a more intuitive understanding of the lantern production.

Let me see beautiful lantern 


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