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How to hold a Chinese lantern festival

Release time:2018-09-26 10:26
Author:Sophia Yang

Many foreinger friends often ask me , what should they do if they want to hold a Chinese lantern festival. Don't worry ,let me tell you all details .

Basic technical requirements for holding lantern festival

First ,area.

1 The exhibition venue is the best in downtown theme parks or amusement parks, followed

 by public green space, and the worst in large-scale stadiums (or exhibition halls);

 2 The area should be 20000-80000 square meters;

 3 The exhibition time should generally be selected during the main holiday period in the

 region, during a large-scale public event, the spring season, or the summer.

Second ,water supply.

1 Satisfy the water supply requirements for on-site production of Chinese construction

2 Satisfy 100-200 drinkable water and domestic water for Chinese staff.

Third, site.

 1 The foreign party is responsible for providing or assisting the Chinese in setting up the lantern show

 construction site, with an area not less than 5,000 square meters (no less than 3,000 square meters outdoors, no

 less than 2,000 square meters indoors or work sheds) and exhibition site;

 2 It is advisable to set up the venue that is close to the accommodation and the location of the exhibition.

Fourth, electricity

 The power supply includes construction electricity use and exhibition electricity use, which are selected according to the number of lantern sets. A lantern

festival is generally suitable for 30 to 100 lantern sets, and the power consumption is approximately 100 to 400 KW (single-phase power, 220 V is the standard).

But according to the size of the site (or other reasons) increase or decrease the number of lantern sets and electricity rates;

2 The foreign party shall provide the Chinese party with construction, installation, and display power according to the actual local regulations;

3 The foreign party prepares the preparatory power source, such as a generator, at the construction and exhibition site to ensure that the production and

exhibition work will proceed smoothly during the power outage;

4 The foreign party will send the power to the designated location and have a distribution box, plug and socket.

Fifth, security.

1 ensure the safety of the construction site;

2 ensure the safety of the installation site;

3 ensure the safety of Chinese accommodation, to prevent theft and to endanger the personal safety of Chinese staff;

4 ensure power security;

5 Responsible for lantern festival production, installation, fire protection during the exhibition, security, transportation and other work and site hardware protection measures.


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