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Huacai Art aims to “create the best lightinglandscape”, innovative artistic ideas, and unique creative ideas. In the 2008Asian Art Festival, Lantern floats designed for 26 Asian countries won thefirst prize of the Festival. The organizing committee issued the "SpecialContribution Award" to honor our company's outstanding performance at thefestival. 

Huacai Arts has also won awards in many large-scale culturalfestivals. The Xinjiang International Tourism Festival, Yueyang InternationalTourism Festival, Suzhou International Tourism Festival, China Ocean CultureFestival, and the 60th anniversary of Tibet’s peaceful liberation have leftHuacai exquisite works of art. Wherever they went, they achieved good socialeffects and cultural exchanges.

“Working with Huacai and Bringing Wonderful Lights”, Huacai inherits the Lantern Art of China's intangible cultural heritage, absorbs cutting-edge technologies and techniques at home and abroad, and integrates sound, light, and electricity technologies to create many festivals and landscape cultures. Top grade products have created considerable economic benefits and social influence for customers.

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