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Chinese Lanterns

  • Chinese lantern festival show is the brightest symbol of Chinese culture, which is also
    Chinese intangible cultural heritage. Chinese lighting lantern festival has been a long history of 800 years in China.Many Chinese lantern artists handed down from generation to generation.originated in the Han Dynasty, Chinese lantern festival culture are popular in the Tang and Song Dynasty. Chinese lighting festival lantern enjoy high reputation at home and abroadand have a longstanding reputation.Not only does lantern festival carry on Chinese excellent folk culture ,but also it light up generation left wonerful blessing.

    From art design to three-dimensional shape,
    From the skeloton welding to the color seperation paper
    Every lantern need tens of thosands of process and polished
    we want to inherit the spirit of the lantern craftsman ship.
    The expression of Chinese culture innovation.
    Chinese traditonal culture stress we can learn from everything, natural undertanding
    The process of Chinese lantern festival making,such as shell,trees,glass and linen all become the making material of lanterns.
    Let the beauty of nature and life live again.
    Let the love of life and explanation of Chinese culture
    pure into the process of Chinese lightingfestival lantern making
    Chinese festival lantern technique carry on crystalization of Chinese traditional culture.


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