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Parade Float

  • The floats - vehicles decorated with colored silk, colored paper, or colored lights, have always been the highlights of mass parades in large-scale celebrations around the world. In the vehicle decorated with a variety of graphics, models, or performed by people on the top, magnificent momentum, brilliant lights. 

    The artistic flower vessel is designed with unique designs, different styles, exaggerated colors, and unique and delicate production. It uses artistic expression techniques to display traditional Chinese culture from different angles and praises our great motherland since its reform and opening up. The various achievements have gradually become a form of grand holiday activities that people love to see.

    Parade floats and colorful boats also are our another feature, Zigong huacai art co.,ltd have been specializing in design and production of parade floats and boats.

    In 2015,Zigong huacai art co.,ltd made parade float for the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the Tibet Autonomous Regin,this was our company continued to participate in high-level celebration of Tibet Autonomous Region.At that time ,our company faced that the making time was not enough. However,our task was heavy. According to the last experience of sixtieth anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, Zigong huacai art co.,ltd constantly overcame technical difficulties.In the floats making, Zigong huacai art co.,ltd used new technologies and new methods.Finally,our company successfully completely the parade float task,accepted the review by China's Central Government and got highly praised .

    In 2011, Zigong huacai art lanterns co., ltd made paradefloats of the 60th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet. We provided a capable construction team, strong logistics support, overcome the plateau climate, as well as the related technical equipment shortage situation in Lhasa, and transport equipment from Harbin, Shanghai and Jinan to Lhasa by special car. The company has won high praise for its tenacious style and dedicated attitude


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